Creating Optimism by Following the Science

While initially researching this novel mechanism of action (MOA) as a potential HIV treatment, our scientists discovered its potent anti-inflammatory effect in preclinical models. Recognizing its potential to address unmet needs in patients with inflammatory diseases, we shifted our focus to chronic inflammatory diseases.

Our plan is to advance our cutting-edge science, continuously exploring the exciting possibilities of enhancing microRNA-124 expression.

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  • 2009

    Obefazimod (originally known as ABX464) was co-discovered

    by Abivax, CNRS, and Institut Curie as a potential treatment for HIV infection

  • 2013

    Abivax was founded in Paris, France

  • 2015

    The obefazimod Phase 2a clinical trial in patients with HIV was initiated

    • Obefazimod was shown to enhance expression of miR-124, a microRNA with known anti-inflammatory effects; Abivax decided to assess the effects of obefazimod in a DSS colitis mouse model
    • The initial public offering for Abivax was announced on Euronext Paris on June 26, with gross proceeds of EUR 57.7M
  • 2016

    Obefazimod showed efficacy in a DSS colitis mouse model

  • 2017

    Results from the DSS colitis mouse model were published

    • The first patient was enrolled in the proof-of-concept UC clinical trial (Phase 2a)
  • 2018

    Positive clinical results were observed in the Phase 2a UC trial

    • The focus of research and development transitioned to inflammation
  • 2019

    Additional obefazimod clinical trials were initiated:

    • Phase 2b in UC
    • Phase 2a in RA
  • 2021

    Positive Phase 2b induction efficacy and safety results were demonstrated in patients with UC

    • Received FDA clearance to conclude the Phase 2 UC trial and move to Phase 3
  • 2022

    The first patient was enrolled in ABTECT, the Phase 3 clinical trial program for obefazimod in UC

  • 2023

    2-year efficacy and safety data from the obefazimod Phase 2b UC clinical trial were released

    • Marc de Garidel was appointed as CEO, effective in May; 3 new US-based directors were appointed
    • Abivax became a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq stock market in the US

CNRS=National Centre for Scientific Research; DSS=dextran sulfate sodium; FDA=Food and Drug Administration; HIV=human immunodeficiency virus; RA=rheumatoid arthritis; UC=ulcerative colitis; US=United States.