At Abivax, Our Mission Is to Harness the Power of microRNA Biology to Create Transformative Treatments for Patients in Need.

What We’ve Accomplished

Abivax scientists have identified a mechanism that enhances the expression of a single microRNA, miR-124, which is established in the literature as a natural regulator of the inflammatory response. This discovery could have the potential to harness the body’s natural regulatory mechanisms to stabilize the immune response in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases.

Our Initial Focus

Our priority is developing our lead compound, obefazimod, as a potential first-line advanced therapy* for inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, where there are significant unmet needs.

*Advanced therapy in IBD refers to targeted therapies such as biologic therapies, JAK inhibitors, and S1P receptor modulators.

JAK=Janus kinase; S1P=sphingosine-1-phosphate.

Where We’re Headed

The next step toward achieving our mission is to continue investigations of obefazimod and demonstrate its potential in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Abivax is committed to exploring and applying revolutionary science in a variety of ways to extend its impact and reach more patients in need.

Expanding Our Presence for Future Growth

Abivax now has global headquarters in Paris, France and US headquarters in the greater Boston area. Clinical trials for obefazimod are being conducted throughout the world as shown by shaded areas on the map. We anticipate initial commercialization of obefazimod in the US and are actively building our team with local-market expertise.

The Abivax Journey